segunda-feira, agosto 19, 2013

Diastologia é difícil? Não para o J. Oh.

Aqui artigo de mestre completo e irresistível!!!!
Ladies and gentleman, I tried to summarize for you today in my lecture the current clinical use of echocardiography in patients with heart failure, not only systolic but also diastolic heart failure. There are many exciting new technologies and applications of echocardiography such as 3-dimensional echocardiography, strain imaging, and myocardial perfusion imaging. I am certain that these new applications will strengthen and improve the role of echocardiography in general, but more so in patients with symptoms of heart failure. Undoubtedly, echocardiography is the single most useful test in patients with symptoms of heart failure. It is essential in the diagnosis and identification of underlying etiology of heart failure. However, we should move beyond the concept of echocardiography as only a diagnostic tool in patients with heart failure, hence, use this versatile and easily available technology to gain pathophysiologic insights of various forms of heart failure, to help identify or establish an optimal therapy for the patients with heart failure, to monitor treatment response, to prognosticate, and to be an important tool in clinical heart failure trials.

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