terça-feira, dezembro 03, 2013

Ecocardiograma para prevenção de morte súbita

Echocardiography is a logical candidate as a screening modality. It is relatively inexpensive and accessible, and is free of any direct adverse effects. However, adverse financial and psychological side effects caused through misdiagnosis should not be overlooked. Thus, it is important to appraise the accuracy of echocardiography in successfully diagnosing pathology among an athletic cohort in whom profound cardiac remodeling is common.
Ischemic cardiac disease, either due to anomalous coronaries or acquired atherosclerotic disease should be excluded as a potential cause of SCD. It has been demonstrated that the coronary ostia can be visualized in 90% to 92% of athletes using echocardiography and that the identification of anomalous ostia is highly specific

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