quinta-feira, maio 14, 2009

Doppler tecidual está de volta ao prognóstico.

Cardiac Dysfunction Assessed by Echocardiographic Tissue
Doppler Imaging Is an Independent Predictor of Mortality
in the General Population
Rasmus Mogelvang, MD, PhD; Peter Sogaard, MD, DMSc; Sune A. Pedersen, MD;
Niels T. Olsen, MD; Jacob L. Marott, MSc; Peter Schnohr, MD, DMSc;
Jens P. Goetze, MD, DMSc; Jan S. Jensen, MD, PhD, DMSc
Conclusions—In the general population, in which most are free of left ventricular systolic dysfunction and restrictive
diastolic filling using conventional echocardiographic parameters, left ventricular dysfunction by TDI is a powerful and
independent predictor of death, especially when systolic performance and diastolic performance are considered together,
recognizing their interdependency and their complex relation to deteriorating cardiac function. (Circulation. 2009;119)

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