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Quantitative Analysis of Mitral Valve Morphology in Mitral Valve Prolapse With Real-Time 3-Dimensional Echocardiography
Importance of Annular Saddle Shape in the Pathogenesis of Mitral Regurgitation
Conclusion—Flattening of the annular saddle shape is associated with progressive leaflet billowing and increased frequencies of
chordal rupture and may be important in the pathogenesis of MR in mitral valve prolapse. (Circulation. 2013;127:832-841.)


Em postagem anterior, destacávamos o mecanismo do anel no prolapso.
Ao 3D ficou fácil comprovar os achados abaixo:
Compared with the normal and MR− groups, the MR+ group had more dilated mitral annulus (P<0.0001), a reduced annular height to commissural width ratio (AHCWR) (P<0.0001) indicating flattening of annular saddle shape, redundant leaflet surfaces (P<0.0001), greater leaflet billow volume (P<0.0001) and billow height (P<0.0001), longer lengths from papillary muscles to coaptation (P<0.0001), and more frequent chordal rupture (P<0.0001)

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