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Para encontrar Prolapso Mitral, olhe primeiro a aorta.

Isolated mitral valve prolapse is an independent predictor of aortic root size in a general population
We retrospectively analysed echocardiograms performed by a single echocardiographer between 2001 and 2007 for various clinical indications. Six hundred and twenty-seven subjects with isolated MVP were found and then matched
by sex, age, and body mass index to 627 individuals without MVP. The whole sample included 454 men and 800 women with an average age of 37.9+0.3 years and a body mass index of 23.7+0.1 kg/m2. MVP subjects had a higher AoR diameter (30.4+0.1 vs. 29.5+0.1 cm; P , 0.0001) compared with controls. Furthermore, multivariate analyses demonstrated an independent association between MVP and AoR size (P , 0.0001) in a model that included age, gender, body mass index, body surface area, blood pressure levels, and left ventricular mass index as confounding variables.
Conclusion: Isolated MVP is an independent predictor of greater AoR size in a large population with otherwise normal echocardiographic parameters
European Journal of Echocardiography

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