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Quem têm medo da íntima-média?

Appropriateness of carotid plaque and intima-media thickness assessment in routine clinical practice
Liz Andréa Villela Baroncini , Aguinaldo de Oliveira , Enrique Antonio Vidal , Graciliano José França , Paulo Sérgio Dalla Bona Stahlke , Alexandre Alessi and Dalton Bertolim Précoma.
Cardiovascular Ultrasound 2008, 6:52
"Forty-five percent of the patients were studied based on uncertain and inappropriate reasons."
Appropriate studies were those for which patients had one or more risk factors; uncertain studies were those for which patients had nonspecific symptoms; and the studies for which patients had no risk factors or symptoms were considered to be inappropriate
The Mannhein Carotid IMT Consensus [3,5] and the ASE Consensus Statement [4] recommended IMT measurements for patients at intermediate CVD risk and in subjects with the following clinical circumstances: (1) family history of premature CVD in first-degree relatives; (2) individuals younger than 60 years old with severe abnormalities in a single risk factor who otherwise would not be candidates for pharmacotherapy; (3) women younger than 60 years of age with at least two CVD risk factors; and (4) in all epidemiological and interventional trials dealing with vascular diseases to better characterize the population investigated.

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