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ICC sem causa definida? Faça a Carótida antes do Cateterismo, que pode não ser necessário.

Normal intima-media thickness on carotid ultrasound reliably excludes an ischemic cause of cardiomyopathy
American Heart Journal
Issue: Volume 159(6), June 2010, p 1059–1066


Mean ejection fraction was 27% ± 10% in 150 patients. Significant CAD was found in 64 (42.7%) and ischemic LVSD in 40 (26.7%). Carotid plaque was seen in 95 (63.3%). Mean CCA IMT was ≥0.9 mm in 69 (46.0%). The combination of mean CCA IMT <0.9 mm and no plaque had negative predictive value for ischemic LVSD of 98%.


Carotid ultrasound with IMT measurement is a valuable screening tool for excluding an ischemic etiology of LVSD when CAD is suspected.

Simples assim:
Com IMT <0,9 mm e sem placa, a cardiopatia dilatada do paciente não é por doença coronária!!!

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