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Impact of acoustic window on accuracy of longitudinal global strain: a comparison study to cardiac magnetic resonance


Methods and results Left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) by Simpson's biplane method (2D-EF), global-ɛ by speckle tracking, and peak systolic mitral annulus velocity [systolic tissue Doppler imaging (S-TDI)] were compared with LVEF by cardiac magnetic resonance (EF-CMR; 45 ± 18%, range 9–76%). Speckle-tracking analysis was feasible in all segments with an optimal acoustic window and in 85% (103/121) of segments poorly visualized. Global-ɛ similarly correlated with LVEF by CMR in patients with and without optimal IQ (r = 0.81 vs. 0.82 for good vs. poor IQ). In contrast, 2D-EF (r = 0.76) and S-TDI (r = 0.64) less correlated with LVEF by CMR in patients with a suboptimal IQ. Importantly, IQ only impacted on 2D-EF inter-observer reproducibility (9 ± 5 vs. 24 ± 22% for good vs. poor IQ) but not on global-ɛ reproducibility (9 ± 1 vs. 8 ± 7% for good vs. poor IQ).

Conclusion In patients with a limited acoustic window, longitudinal strain by speckle tracking remains accurate and reproducible for assessing global and regional LV systolic function.

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